Review Policy

Hello everyone,

Given the sheer volume of books, productions and media out there I thought it prudent to add a page outlining my review policy. I’ve split it into sections as follows:


I will rarely accept any self-published books that have been sent to me blind or via Twitter. Your book is going to have to have some local interest, or be known to me for me to review it as a self-published book.

Particular topics of interest to me include: Local interest (Manchester and the North West), History (Egypt, Reformation, Tudor/Stuart, Early Modern), Crime, Horror, Sci-fi, Graphic Novels

I frequently use NetGalley as a source for upcoming books, so please do point me in that direction if you also use it to distribute your books.


I do enjoy covering exhibitions, gallery launches and other art and culture related events. I’m based in Manchester, so the majority of events I cover are based there, however I do travel to events of interest.

I am very busy with work at weekends, so weekend events are unlikely to be something I can cover. Please do drop any information about exhibitions or events to me though as one of the reviewing team might be able to cover it.


I cover productions in the immediate Greater Manchester area, though occasionally go further afield.

Please be advised that since 2014, I have taken up a job that is very time consuming and I do not have the time to attend as many productions as I have in the past. Similarly, I have started to work with some production companies in the North West on various projects, one reason I have largely pulled out of the review/Fringe scene in recent years.

I may decline to review something that I feel is a conflict of interest to a venue, or a production company I may be working with on other projects.

Please do feel free to send through details of any upcoming performances, I will endeavour to feature any PR sent through to me.

If reviewing, I do travel free of charge to events, and provide a review for every play/performance I attend. By return I expect a complimentary ticket along with cast and crew details so I can ensure the review is properly accredited.

I will look to have a review on within 72 hours of attending any performance.


If you have details on a product, or performance you would like me to consider for review, please contact me on the email below.